How many staff are needed to start using Vitae International services?

We suggest a minimum of five to ten. That number allows for substantial productivity gains, economies of scale and some staff attrition.

How long does it take staff to attain high levels of production?

The production parity timeline varies with each client. But reaching substantial yields is based on two main factors - a firm’s overall commitment to their India team and the corresponding training of staff. Our management team is dedicated to helping you reach throughput goals as quickly as possible.

On what basis is staff selected?

Our management team diligently selects and hires top personnel through an extensive network of personal and professional contacts. We seek employees having solid English speaking and accounting skills so they can quickly meet client requirements. Recruiting employees with integrity backed with a solid work ethic is a primary goal of Vitae International.

What say or control is there concerning staff selection?

nitial selections are completed through our management group. Once your team is in place, we work with you to determine the best fit of each team member for your objectives.

What type of contract do I sign to start?

Our standard contract is one-year with a renewable clause.

When can staff be added to a team?

During the yearly contract review process is when most clients add or subtract team members. If necessary, staff can be added with 90 days’ notice. In either case, training new staff is necessary to reach effective production levels.

Is there a limit to the amount of staff I can use with Vitae International?

There are no limits to the amount of staff a firm can have with Vitae International.

What level of security and technology systems does Vitae International utilize?

Operating in the global economy means Vitae International offices are equipped with state of the art technology systems, including high-definition video conferencing capabilities.