Why Vitae?

India has a young workforce with a median age of 25 years. With a rapidly growing population, opportunities to employ young staff with a willingness to learn, readiness to work hard and produce excellent work is tremendous. The gaps caused by a reduction in accounting graduates in western countries can be and is already being filled by accounting graduates in India. This was the basis of VITAE’s foundation in 2003 and continues to be its main attraction amongst firms worldwide.

The availability of high-end technological equipment to stay connected, and a readily available young English-speaking workforce who can be trained and utilized to provide business advantage are the main reasons India has become a prominent choice for Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

Office Facilities:- VITAE’s office caters to the vision of VITAE by providing a work space where individuals can thrive and function at their highest potential. The training room for skill development, the conference room for interaction, the pantry for relationship building, the GKD Community Garden behind the building for leisure and fitness, the greenery around the building for a breath of fresh air; all of this and more contribute to the high efficiency and creativity levels of the VITAE staff.

Technology: Being an Information Technology enabled business, VITAE understands the need for it to remain ahead of the curve in the realm of technology. High speed internet, video conferencing facilities, a qualified and dedicated IT department, all contribute to ensuring a smooth running working with the India team. Clients can be in contact with their team in India to check in on their progress, solve queries and train them as and when needed.

Security: One of the main concerns in outsourcing is the security of confidential client information that needs to be shared with the India staff. Working in a paperless environment, all information at VITAE is shared and worked on via the client servers without downloading information onto the work computers.

The operating areas are controlled by access doors with proximity cards that are only given to Operations staff. Mobiles and other electronic equipment are not allowed into the operating areas.

Restricted internet access, no USB access, no availability of drives, printers, scanners in the operation areas, adds to the level of security.

The client’s VITAE team is subject to initial training to provide knowledge about specific country accounting standards and processes to supplement their learning and existing knowledge of Indian Accounting Standards.

On the job training is provided by senior staff members, trainers via video conferencing and occasionally by trainers who visit India for a couple of weeks to train staff more effectively.

Theoretical training is provided by encouraging staff to read subject related books before starting work and encouraging them to continue to do so to keep up with changing industry standards.

Soft skill training is also an integral part of VITAE as VITAE believes all-round development is a fundamental part of people development. Staff Development Series, a set of planned sessions on topics ranging from personal developmental topics like Emotional Intelligence, Moral intelligence to leadership topics like supervision, team work and time management are held at regular intervals for all the staff.

VITAE’s work culture reflects its mission statement- “To help individuals and organizations realize their fullest potential “, not only in words but in action as well. Excellence, hard work, dedication, integrity, learning, are just some of the many qualities that are inculcated into VITAE employees via constant relationship building, special occasions and staff training and development programs. VITAE lives and breathes its culture every single day developing without compromise qualities that enhances the lives of those associated with the company either on a daily basis or occasionally.