About Us

Work quality, an advanced IT Infrastructure and a soul is what defines VITAE International. Being a staffing provider for the accounting and taxation industry in English speaking nations of the world, VITAE holds its stakeholders sacred.

VITAE International is more a way of life than an organization in more ways than one. With a culture which aims to bring to the forefront dedication, hard work and excellence in all its staff VITAE believes that each and every individual has a purpose and that an organization is more than just the work it does. Bringing together individuals wishing to live a purposive life and providing them with opportunities to do so is VITAE’s desire, in addition to the high quality of services it provides.

Transparency, communication and cooperation has been the foundation of VITAE’s relationship with its clients. To accomplish a close working relationship and mutual cooperation several occasions are created to encourage and foster deep relationships not only between the client and VITAE but among clients as well.  VITAE’s clients attest to the high level of involvement and trust VITAE International has earned by making them successful in integrating their home office operations with the India staff.

The values held by VITAE are actively lived out in VITAE’s day-to-day work environment, enabling staff to reach their fullest potential while serving their clients.

VITAE knows and understands that it has a responsibility. Responsibility towards its clients. Responsibility to its people. Responsibility to the community it works in.

With this responsibility in mind, VITAE runs its operations.